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Leighton Meester Last Icon Maker Standing
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Leighton Meester Last Icon Maker Standing
This is an last icon maker standing community dedicated to the actress Leighton Meester . Every week you will be given two or three images to choose from. You would need to choose one cap to make an icon of. There would then be voting at the end of every week and one or two people would be voted off. At the end of the round when there is only one person left, then that will be the last icon maker standing.

* You must be a member and have entered the round before submitting your icons.
* Must be LJ standard of 100x100 and less than 40 Kb.
* You may submit one (1) icon per challenge.
* Text/ Textures/ Blending/ Brushes are allowed. NO animation unless otherwise stated.
* The icon must be specifically made for the challenge posted and you CANNOT share your icon with anyone
* Cheating will not be tolerated, and if found out you would be disqualified. If it happened a second time you would be banned from the community
* There would be a comeback round when at least 5 people would have been eliminated. This then enables one of the eliminated to come back
* Submit icons to the post where the caps are posted

* Anonymous voting is allowed but please do not vote for your best friend. Look at the quality of the icons!
* You CANNOT vote for yourself.
* Every week you will vote for the two icons that you think are of the best quality and the two icons that you think are of the poorest quality. You must give a reason for each icon that you vote for. Please make this constructive and helpful to that icon maker. Example of good feedback: The crop does not show the main focus of the icon . Bad feedback: I think it looks ugly.
* Every participant is given one(1) skip for signing up for the round. You would get extra skips if you promoted this comm.
If you decide to use the skip then you would tell me in the submission post. If you do not use a skip (or have none left) and do not enter for that challenge, then you would be eliminated.

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